Dénomination enregistrée: PELHAM CARES INC.

Numéro d'entreprise: 886385004RR0001

Our Mission

The Mission of Pelham Cares Inc. is to contribute to the health, independence and participation in the life of the community by residents of Pelham. To address this Mission, Pelham Cares will provide selected support services including Food Bank and Emergency Food Service, Youth Services, and Medical Transportation Services, and/or make referral to alternative resources as appropriate.


Services provided free of charge include:

* A community food bank that serves residents of Pelham (Fonthill, Effingham, Ridgeville,Fenwick, North Pelham).

* Transportation to medical appointments in Niagara and beyond.

* Sponsorship of youth with limited financial means for sport, recreational and educational opportunities.

* Referral to agencies/support services if the request is not within mission or ability of Pelham Cares.

* Response in emergency situations.

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