Dénomination enregistrée: PEMA CHOLING CANADA

Numéro d'entreprise: 861988863RR0001

Our Mission

Pema Choling Canada

Improving the lives of women in Himalayan Bhutan through the support of the Pema Choling Institute and Shedra (college)in the Tang valley of central Bhutan.

The Institute provides:


Basic secular education is provided for girls and women in this remote area, who otherwise, would not have such an opportunity.

A traditional Buddhist education, spanning a nine year curriculum, is available for women and girls for the FIRST TIME in the history of the country. Graduates will become tomorrow's first female Khenpos (professors), instructors and spiritual leaders.

Vocational Training

Traditional Bhutanese arts and crafts will help preserve their unique and ancient culture as well as providing a means for women to support themselves and their families.

Basic Health Education

Hygiene and Sanitation instruction will improve the lives of the students, their families and their communities.

Economic Assistance and Housing

Destitute elderly women who do not wish to study, but choose to live a simple monastic style life are supported.

Future Developments

There is a great need and demand for traditional Buddhist education programmes in other parts of Bhutan and in other Himalayan countries (Tibet, Sikkim, Nepal, Ladakh). Eventually, other Institutions will be established in these places according to specific needs and feasibility.


Bhutan has a unique identity as the last sovereign, independent Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. Despite its tiny size and its small population, and despite its powerful neighbors- Tibet and China to the north and India to the south, Bhutan has never been occupied by invading forces. This means it has retained a very ancient and vibrant culture that is deeply Buddhist in all its aspects. Most of the population are subsistence farmers and herders barely making a living on difficult, remote and road-less mountainous terrain. Per capita annual income is one of the world's lowest. But compassion, harmony, environmental protection and cultural preservation are traditional and key values in this country.

As the country carefully integrates into the modern 21st century, it is more important than ever to establish mature and well educated women throughout the country - grounded in their culture and free to express their compassionate action both in their own country and abroad.

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