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Dénomination enregistrée : PEOPLE FOR EDUCATION

Numéro d'entreprise : 857190532RR0001

People for Education is an independent NGO working to support and advance public education through research, policy & public engagement.


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People for Education is an independent, non-partisan, charitable organization working to support and advance public education through research, policy, and public engagement.

Our Vision

A strong, equitable, and prosperous Canada where universal public education fulfills its role as a cornerstone of our society.

Our Mission

To strengthen a universal public education system that graduates all young people with the skills and competencies they need to contribute to a fair and prosperous society, and to live happy, healthy, economically secure, civically engaged lives.

Strategic Priorities

Lead a conversation, both in Ontario and nationally, about the purpose, value, and future of public education.

Build links among key constituencies both inside and outside the education sector in Ontario to enhance a shared understanding of the goals of public education.

Provide evidence and use research to advance public education's promise, and to ensure that all young people have an equitable chance for long-term success.

Privacy Statement:

People for Education respects your privacy. The personal information you provide will only be used to process your gift, to keep you informed about our work, and to ask you for support from time to time by email or regular mail. If you have any questions about privacy or would prefer not to be contacted by one or more of the methods noted, please call or email us at  A full copy of our Privacy Policy is available at


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