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People Planet Animals Foundation

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We believe there is an inefficiency regarding how most charities spend your support. They often support programs that provide a one time benefit and impact only one benefactor.

We view that as a waste of resources and lost opportunity to leverage the dollar raised multiple times for the greater good.

Our Solution - Micro Loans - Empowerment & Sustainability

Tier One Loans. 

Provide support for people during disaster recover through a leading P2P Lending Platform. Short term loans with normalized interest rates and a high probability of payback. Designed to get people impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes, forest fires and mass flooding back on their feet.

These loans will expose people of financial means to People Planets Animals and hopefully encourage them to support us in the future once their lives return to normal.

We will transfer the interest earned on these loans into our tier two loan program.

Tier Two Loans.

Provide support for people within third world countries who don't have access to traditional banking, are subject to unfair interest charges or have little to no credit rating beyond good will and personal character.  

Designed to change peoples lives in meaning full and significant ways.

These loans have interest rates and terms that are tailored for each situation. Managed directly through our Registered Charity Partners. These loans will be funded in part from the interest paid back of our tier one loans and direct charity allocations.

The probability for payback is moderate and not the key focus of these programs. Changing someones life is. 

Though the micro loan programs will play an import roll for us we will also be investing the dollar entrusted to us in other programs that leverage the dollar raised towards sustainable programs. Such as drilling of wells to support a village, planting of trees and education.

We will always operate from the energetic space of "Do No Harm".

Supporting sustainable programs that benefit the People, Planet and Animals we live with. Visit to learn more.





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