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Dénomination enregistrée : THE PET PATROL (ELMIRA) INC

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Our Mission

The Pet Patrol Cat Adoption Program began in 1996, with a concern for lost and abandoned cats. Soon after, we realized the population explosion of homeless cats, was not only in our community, but everywhere.

Their plight is sad. Imagine living in a warm and comfortable home, then suddenly staring at the back of the car as it drives off, leaving you on a gravel road. Nothing looks familiar, no house, no people. Where do you go now? Where do you find your next meal, water, a warm dry bed? And then there are the other animals who don’t want you there...where is safety?

Many more cats are dumped by insensitive owners than lost. They are usually not neutered or spayed, which adds dramatically to the over population situation. They are in poor health, unable to fend for themselves in the dead of winter or heat of summer, in the middle of nowhere. They are voiceless, but their hearts cry out for us.

Pet Patrol has expanded successfully and we provide loving foster homes, professional Vet care, Chiropractic care and a Spay/Neuter program. We have Profile Adoption Books, posters, weekly newspaper advertising and are able to have our cats “Audition for Adoption” in two Pet Value stores in Waterloo. We have approximately 80 cats or kittens in our custody, and each cat’s medical and social concerns are taken care of before adoption. Potential new owners are screened carefully for compatibility of home life and to the cat’s personality and needs. With all this, there are never enough adoptive homes or funds, for so many more homeless cats out there, literally dying to come in.

As a Registered Charity, all monies raised go directly to Veterinary costs for each cat. Pet Patrol has grown as a direct result of the vast number of cats abandoned and trying to survive on next to nothing. You can understand the continual efforts needed to care for these cats in crisis. Pet Patrol has proven to be an important part of your community.

Donations are purrfectly welcomed.


Pet Patrol is an entirely volunteer-run, non-profit organization in the Kitchener - Waterloo area. We give cats a second chance, and an opportunity for a full life as we are NO KILL. Pet Patrol helps cats that have been abandoned, found ill, or homeless find new families. We are a registered charity and rely solely on donations to cover our extensive Veterinary costs, which can total $40,000 per year. We receive no assistance from our municipality or government.

Pet Patrol does not believe an animal should be euthanized if they are unwanted or ill and can regain their health. We do everything in our capacity to make sure that all opportunities for the cat are met. We not only rely on conventional Veterinary care, but also alternative therapies.

We also work to educate the community on the proper care of cats, and provide information aimed at reducing the homeless cat population in the KW area.


7263 Line 86, Box 31

Wallenstein, ON, N0B 2S0

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