Phoenix Youth Programs


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Our Mission

Together with the community, we are dedicated to supporting youth and families in their journey to thrive. It is our privilege to provide a leading voice for social justice and community engagement.

Vision Statement

We believe that people matter. All people. We all have the right to dignity, respect, support, and the opportunity to thrive.

About Phoenix Youth Programs

Since 1987, Phoenix has been dedicated to supporting youth and contributing to a vibrant community. Phoenix's ten locations in Halifax, NS provide a continuum of care for youth ages 11-24 and their families. We offer important services and programs including shelter, food, housing support, health care, parenting support, recreation, education and employment services, and clinical therapy. Our team of caring professionals recognizes that each person who comes to us has individual needs as well as strengths. People are the leaders in their own lives; Phoenix is a leader in supporting them.

Phoenix Programs

  • Phoenix Youth Shelter (short-term residential facility for youth 16-24)

  • Phoenix Supportive Housing Program - Phoenix House and Phoenix Homes for Independence (mid to long-term residential programs for youth 16-24)

  • Phoenix Learning & Employment Centre

  • Phoenix Youth and Family Therapy (free clinical therapy provided to youth 11-24 and their families)

  • Phoenix Youth & Community Centre (providing support to youth as young as 12 and the community in Mulgrave Park)

  • Phoenix Centre for Youth (drop-in centre, also the central location for our trusteeship, parenting support, housing support & health services)

  • Phoenix Youth Outreach Program (support provided throughout Halifax Regional Municipality)

  • LE@P (arts, recreation and skill building for any youth involved with Phoenix)

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