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Littératie physique c’est pour la vie

Dénomination enregistrée : Physical Literacy for Life

Numéro d'entreprise : 842197485RR0001

Littératie physique c’est pour la vie

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About Physical Literacy for Life

Physical Literacy for Life is a charitable organization which evolved from the 60 Minute Kids’ Club to take on a broader mandate of physical literacy development throughout the lifespan in multiple settings. Physical Literacy for Life is affiliated with the Sport for Life Society to advance physical literacy in the health, recreation and education sectors.

Physical Literacy for Life aspires to develop physical literacy in all Canadians by offering education, conducting research, and developing the resources, tools and programming that will result in more people being active for life, thus enhancing the population’s health and wellness. Physical Literacy for Life exists to develop physical literacy in all Canadians so that their health and wellbeing is enhanced through increased physical activity and quality sport opportunities. 

We make an impact by offering education and training, by facilitating research and assessment, and by developing innovative resources, tools and programming. Our key programs include Physical Literacy for Communities and 60 Minute Kids’ Club, both focused on improving the development of physical literacy in all citizens at the community level.

Physical Literacy for Communities is the result of community stakeholder feedback requesting a sustainable, long-term community approach around physical literacy. Through this project – and based on extensive experience working with communities to deliver physical literacy and quality sport mentoring across the country, including in more than 170 communities as part of the RBC Learn to Play project [2014-2017] – Physical Literacy for Life has created a foundation and framework that can be tailored to meet the needs and capacity of communities across Canada. 



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