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Dénomination enregistrée : PILGRIMS HOSPICE SOCIETY

Numéro d'entreprise : 897041455RR0001

Pilgrims Hospice supports those living with progressive life-limiting illness, their caregivers and those grieving the death of a loved one.


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“It’s a reality that the better support an individual receives, the better their quality of life – right to the end. And for those left behind, there’s an opportunity to journey through grief and bereavement in a healthy way.”

      – Monica Robson, Pilgrims Hospice Executive Director

Making End of Life a Better Experience for All


Pilgrims Hospice Society provides supportive and compassionate family centred care to enhance the quality and dignity of life for those diagnosed with a progressive, life-threatening illness as well as support to those who are grieving.


Any person in Edmonton and surrounding area can access calm and compassionate care at the end-of-life, or as a survivor or loved one, find help with transition caused by death.


Respect: We create a welcoming environment, honoring diversity through behavior that upholds the dignity and worth of every person.

Excellence: We arrive every day inspired to make a positive impact. Through our talents, passion, and hard work we achieve the highest standard in all we do.

Collaboration: We work together by sharing time, resources, and expertise both internally and externally in pursuit of a common purpose.

Service: Service is the essence of our culture. We serve all with humility, kindness and gratitude.

Integrity: We will inspire trust through transparency, honesty and fairness in all our actions.

Caring for the Whole Person

Our programs and services are designed to support a total care model that focuses on psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing, as well as physical symptoms, until natural death occurs.

Care for caregivers is an extremely important aspect of Hospice services, as many families struggle with enormous burdens when one of their own faces serious illness. That care extends to families beyond death, as they experience bereavement of their loved one. Grief support is available for children, teens, adults and whole families.

Volunteers and staff of Hospice embrace the philosophy that recognizes dying as a natural, personal event rather than a medical one.

Care is provided in a home like environment through innovative programs that complement and supplement other services by a team of expert staff and volunteers.


The Sunflower is an image of strength and hope

and is the international symbol of hospice.

With its face turned to the sun, it generates strength within itself, showing the strength of hospice to reach out and provide care throughout a community.

The seeds at the centre represent those who are suffering, their loved ones and their caregivers, surrounded by petals – the many ways hospice staff and volunteers provides compassionate care with respectful dignity.



9808 148 St NW

Edmonton, AB, T5N 3E8

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