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Pinnguaq Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée : Pinnguaq Foundation

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Delivering STEAM and digital skills education opportunities for equity deserving groups in rurual, remote, and Indigenous communities.

Pinnguaq Foundation

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Pinnguaq Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting the Pinnguaq Association to deliver and advance STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education opportunities for all ages. We do this by developing and delivering culturally responsive digital literacy and workforce development initiatives, applications, and resources to equity deserving communities in Canada.

Pinngauq's vision is vibrant, connected communities where everyone can achieve their full potential everywhere. Our mandate is to deliver unrivaled STEAM programs that inspire equity deserving groups in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities to cultivate digital skills through innovative technology, art, and play. We believe that empowering all people to develop technical, social, artistic, and professional skills, firmly grounded in regional cultures, builds pathways to well-being.

The Pinnguaq Association is a founding member of the Katinnganiq Makerspace Network (KMN) and the winner of the $10 million award from Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. We work to create community Makerspaces in Nunavut and across Canada to provide reliable digital access and STEAM learning opportunities. Pinnguaq’s Makerspaces provide a space for creativity, innovation, and knowledge sharing. The Makerspaces serves as a center for exploration and growth in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math that intersects with everyday living, language and culture. Makespaces host children and youth summer camps and afterschool programming, as well as digital skills training workshops for adults and seniors. 

Pinnguaq employs a Lifecycle approach to work we do:

Education: We develop and deliver customized K-12, and adult education and training programs through a community-led approach that is responsive to cultural strengths. Our educational experiences are interactive and push the limits of technology and cultural expression to foster learning and agency.

Resources: We provide free access to technology and resources to disrupt the inequitable innovation flow between urban and rural & remote communities, including space, equipment, curriculum and digital tools and to help learners make, create, and discover.

Mentorship: We foster relationship and capacity building between industry professionals and program participants to share expertise and build confidence, and amplify voices. Pinnguaq makes connections to provide one-on-one and group mentoring opportunities, giving learners the chance to explore STEAM in action, with expert guidance that reflects diverse experiences and backgrounds.

Employment: We believe that gaining digital skills will provide sustainable, local careers in STEAM fields. Working with private and public partners, Pinnguaq creates internship opportunities for learners to gain valuable work experience to see how STEAM knowledge is applied. 

Production: We believe that supporting learners to become active innovators, creators, and leaders in the use of technology will lead to community growth and sustainability. We support the co-creation of community-centered products and services that have a positive impact on people. 

Advocacy:  We believe that promoting equal access to technology and the development of digital skills in rural and remote communities will build a more connected and equal world. Through our Root & STEM publication, we support a North-to-South knowledge transfer, the development of local solutions, and the need for rural, remote, and Indigenous communities to have a seat where key decisions are being made.


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