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Dénomination enregistrée : Place2Give Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise : 833678840RR0001

Place2Give Foundation

À propos

Place2Give Foundation is a Donor Advised Fund registered in Canada (833678840RR0001). We have three objectives:

  1. Provide donors with the ability to make better, informed decisions about their charitable giving
  2. Facilitating innovative solutions to wicked problems
  3. To provide tools and resources for vetted non-profits that provide research driven solutions

What makes Place2Give Foundation unique is our ability to help you create customized giving solutions that drive social change and have measurable impact. Because of our in-depth relationships with organizations and other funders we are able to design unique partnerships between organizations to further charitable objectives.

Examples of the projects and organizations that we support:

YYC Food Security Fund - Looking at the upstream side of the food system, how producers get products to market and how we create an equitable, sustainable and dignified food system for everyone.

Mental Health Innovation - A pan-Canadian mental health fund connecting technology solutions with on-the-ground services.

International Development - Focusing on various healthcare issues from eye-health to dental care in Guatemala, Zambia, India


2010 - 150 9 AVE SW


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