Dénomination enregistrée: Plugged IN Community Centre Organization

Numéro d'entreprise: 809067788RR0001

Plugged In Community Centre Organization is a registered charity with the goal of creating a facility that will make affordable rental space available, on a cost-recovery basis, for individuals and organizations that offer supportive programming to promote meaningful inclusion. The facility will ideally be located in St. Albert and will offer families access to fun, supportive, safe and socially-inclusive activities and programs. The centre will include a mini gym, art/music studio, yoga space, sensory space, boardrooms and classrooms.

Plugged In Community Centre currently offers monthly Inclusion In Action programs Plugged In’s new initiative is about looking for ways to connect different sectors of our community!  As well as three annual Inclusion In The Community events that foster

Inclusion In Action: Recreation For All Ages program is the first of many extraordinary projects we hope to take on as a charity to be purposeful as an organization! It is the cross generational exploration of play.  It allows for learning, teaching and playing to happen between the very wise and the very young.

We know that the elderly are at high risk of social isolation as they age, particularly if they live in seniors homes. This is a common concern as the elderly are adjusting to new stages of their life, and may be losing people who are close to them. There is a high correlation between social isolation and an advanced death or decline in mobility. This is a critical time to foster social interaction and a feeling of connectedness, in order to lengthen their lives and provide greater fulfillment.

Inclusion In The Community: Mini-Conference is an important piece of Plugged In’s commitment to impact and connect with the community.  Included in our mandate to create inclusion are opportunities to educate, particularly on the importance of the relationship between communities, schools and families.

The general definition of inclusion is “the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure,” however this is easier said than done. Many individuals can be indirectly excluded because of barriers or obstacles outside of their control.  By offering programs and events that showcase to the community how inclusion is possible, Plugged In removes these barriers and creates equal opportunities for all.  We have impacted many community members through education, story telling and sharing experts on the subject of inclusion.

Inclusion In The Community: BrainChild is a one day camp for 100 children-in-need, whether disempowered or disengaged, the opportunity to discover a love of learning.  This program is offered in the Fall in line with the start up of the school year and is geared towards elementary age students from 5-12 years of age. Plugged In envisions a community where no child is left behind; where all are nurtured; and where all graduate high school and go on to be productive members of society in adulthood.

Inclusion In The Community: BEautiful ME  (BeMe) is a one-day event which offers a confidence-building opportunity to 30 at-risk, vulnerable or deserving youth, aged 13-19, by discovering their inner beauty with a boost on the outside as well. Teams of volunteer professional makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, fashion designers and an empowerment team guide nominees and applicants through their own makeover. An inspirational and motivating activity and speaker further enhance the experience of inner beauty discovery.

This FREE event is a fantastic opportunity for youth to delve into and celebrate with peers what makes them unique and reveal their beauty from the inside out. Social media, puberty and peer pressure all have powerful impacts on self-esteem. BeMe helps youth realize that the way that we feel about ourselves is based on more than outer appearance, and strives to assist participants in discovering the value of their individual attributes, gifts and talents.

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