Dénomination enregistrée: POCULI LUDIQUE SOCIETAS

Numéro d'entreprise: 119095214RR0001

Our Mission

Our mission is to rediscover the theatrical traditions of the Middle Ages and Renaissance through textual research and dramatic experimentation, and to bring those traditions to life for contemporary audiences of all ages.

About Poculi Ludique Societas

Every year Poculi Ludique Societas (PLS) brings the past to life onstage with a season of unique theatrical productions.

Knowing that English theatre did not begin with Shakespeare, and recognizing the great contributions of both English and European Writers to Medieval and Renaissance drama, Poculi Ludique Societas presents an annual season of the rarely performed plays that form the backbone of the English and European theatre.

PLS examines all facets of medieval and renaissance drama, from small folk dramas and courtly interludes to the great medieval play cycles with casts of hundreds. It has presented new translations and interpretations of Medieval and Renaissance works to modern audiences. Its work has been invaluable to scholars, and a delight to audiences.

Thank you for supporting Poculi Ludique Societas.

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