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POV 3rd Street: Breaking Barriers

1 out of 3 of all people are creatively inspired, driven by their creative gene and possess the potential to be part of the Creative Class.

In the GTA, 60,000 youth are at risk.  It's reasonable to infer that one third of them, 20,000, have the creative gene.

This 1/3rd is who POV 3rd Street targets.

POV 3rd Street is a charitable organization, founded and sponsored by leaders from the media industry.  We offer youth facing multiple barriers a unique annual program designed to provide the requisite work skills to succeed in our industry, including semi-weekly classroom training, mentorship, work internships and placements, along with ongoing support from our growing network of alumni, teachers and volunteers.

Our mission is to break the cycle that traps them by empowering them with skills and opening doors that lead to their engagement in our industry.

Curriculum: Committing to Learning

Each cohort runs from autumn to spring with classes every Wednesday and Saturday.  Students commit to 11 hours a week in seven formal teaching units.

The Media Training Program teaches hard and soft skills, including problem solving, negotiation and presentation skills.

Our Next Steps program provides students with career planning, resume prep and help with building their creative portfolios.

Community: Building Self-Esteem

This is a sustained collective endeavor of our instructors, mentors and volunteers.  Each student is paired with an industry mentor.  

Our alumni network champions our graduates and fosters their ongoing connection to our current participants.  We also cultivate our community through our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Campus: Empowering Change

Our program is currently located in central downtown Toronto.  We are looking to expand our programming to Vancouver, Montreal and Los Angeles.

Students are placed in internship opportunities including ongoing on-set PA opportunities.  POV 3rd Street's First Shot Productions is our adjunct social enterprise created to provide commercial opportunities for students and alumni.

POV 3rd Street Outcomes

Job Opportunities & Paid Internships

> Almost three quarters (74%) of our graduates have found employment in the industry

> In conjunction with Youth Employment Services we have been able to give our students paid internships in the industry

Making Connections

> Our students have spent a total of 2,000 classroom hours with instructors, mentors and industry professionals since 2007

> One third (33%) of our graduates actively volunteer with the current cohort

First Shot Productions

> Our social enterprise, launched in 2015, gives students and alumni a chance to create their own content, and gain a foothold in the industry

POV 3rd Street Students

Kobi Ntiri

Being at POV 3rd Street gave Kobi the tools and confidence he needed to pursue his goal of being a director.  Our organization taught him the ins and outs of the media industry, and gave him the knowledge that he was yearning for.  Since graduating, Kobi has been working non-stop, directing commercials and short films, including his short film FADING, which was screened at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and acknowledged in the 2012 Festival de Cannes.

Find out more at

Milca Kuflu

Milca's landing at POV 3rd Street helped restore her focus and passion for story writing.  That opened the door for her into the world of advertising, where she now works at Leo Burnett following her internship there.  Milca has found a way to pay her bills, and hone her skills, and she was a director of POV 3rd Street's recent documentary film, "Dance Saved My Life", which was screened in April of 2016.

Get in touch with Milca via email at

Visionary Leadership

Edie Weiss, Co-Founder

Ms. Weiss is the President and CEO of Radke Films, a group of commercial film production companies that are recognized as leaders in Canada's advertising industry.  She is a renowned and award-winning Canadian entrepreneur.

Jeff Kopas, Co-Founder

A critically acclaimed filmmaker and producer, Mr. Kopas is also the President of Vitality Media.  He is a graduate of NYU Tisch Film School and has received many international awards for his films.  His filmmaker's perspective is a critical component of the development of the Media Training Program.

Jamie Purdon, Co-Founder

Mr. Purdon is a well-known Canadian journalist who was once at the helm of the CBC.  He is a Partner at RPA Consulting and received his Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University.

Agapi Gessesse, Executive Director

A natural leader in the community, Ms. Gessesse has previously worked for the United Way of Greater Toronto and Toronto Community Housing, and is passionate about addressing the social issues that face Toronto's youth.

POV 3rd Street Annual Budget

> Annual Operating Budget = $300,000

> In-kind Donations = $150,000

> Strategic Initiatives and Growth = $25,000

> Hard Costs To Be Funded = $125,000

> Enrollment for 25 Students = $5,000 per student

Costs Breakdown

Operation & In-Kind Services

> $5,000/student per year base operating cost

> Our website (donated by Pound & Grain), our workspaces, equipment and food

> Event space and even sponsorship

Strategic Initiatives & Growth

> Finding a permanent dedicated workspace

> Job placements for alumni

> Staying up-to-date with technology and equipment

Student Sponsorship & Planned Giving

> $25,000 donation qualifies for a donor video by First Shot Productions

> Scholarship funds for students

Our Generous Sponsors & In-Kind Donors Include:

Summer Fresh

Ozery Bakery's Pita Break

Vitality Media Productions, Inc.

Creative Soul

SIM Digital

Radke Film Group


Pound & Grain

Malpass Park

Greenwin Homes

Gluskin Sheff + Associates, Inc.

William F. White International Inc.

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