Youth Film and Media Training Network

Dénomination enregistrée: Youth Film and Media Training Network

Numéro d'entreprise: 851664995RR0001

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The consensus among diverse creative workers is that 'who you know' is critical to obtaining paid employment. Diverse creatives face the double bind of having to confront systemic and structural barriers while being continually excluded from the TV, film & commercial industries due to expensive and outdated training, irrelevant social capital and exclusion from industry networks.

Our Mission

POV's mission is to train, develop and support diverse young creatives from traditionally underrepresented communities to develop their talent and creative passion into successful careers in the TV & film production industry

How we do it

POV provides training, mentorship and jobs to talented young people, who are driven and have a desire to work in the TV & film production industry, yet lack relevant work experience and the financial capacity required to pursue their passion and to build it into a career. We reach youth who are stuck in this cycle without the technical & social know how or an entry point into the industry.

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