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Dénomination enregistrée : THE PRAYER BOOK SOCIETY OF CANADA

Numéro d'entreprise : 892302779RR0001

Celebrating the Book of Common Prayer as the standard of doctrine and worship for Canadian Anglicans.


À propos

The Prayer Book Society of Canada celebrates the Book of Common Prayer as the standard of doctrine and worship for Canadian Anglicans, and seeks to foster a rediscovery of this way of worship, devotion and reading of Scripture within the Anglican Churches and beyond. (Learn more about the Book of Common Prayer, here.) Founded in 1986, the Society has members all across Canada, from all age groups and walks of life, both clergy and laity.

Mission, aims and objectives of the Society

The mission statement of the PBSC is: “To promote the understanding and use of the BCP as a spiritual system of nurture for life in Christ”.

The Society’s main aims and objectives are:

  • to participate in the evangelisation of Canada;
  • to foster rediscovery and deepen awareness of the BCP and the doctrine that it teaches;
  • to serve as a resource for those who may be unfamiliar with traditional Anglican theology but who desire to grow as faithful, believing and informed communicants of Canadian Anglican congregations.

What the Society does

The PBSC has pursued a variety of projects and initiatives in support of its aims and objectives.

  • Using technology to bring the Prayer Book to a wider audience. The Society’s newest resource is the BCP app, which provides a user-friendly means of praying the Prayer Book daily offices on mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Production of educational resources for individuals and parishes. These include a three- volume book series on the BCP, and three video teaching series dealing with the Prayer Book services, Baptism preparation, and the Holy Trinity.
  • Production of liturgical resources for clergy and worship leaders. Available are booklets on how to lead Prayer Book services, audio recordings of BCP service music, and auxiliary service material for Holy Week.
  • Fostering and supporting projects in support of ministry to young people. The PBSC has produced a four-year teen education curriculum, and has supported a summer camp for teens and weekend theological conferences for young adults.
  • Providing bursaries to theological students. Bursaries are offered annually to students engaged in theological studies who value the Book of Common Prayer and use it in their devotional life.
  • Assisting churches and colleges in purchasing of copies of the BCP. The Society has assisted in this way many times over the years.
  • Defending the ongoing use of the Prayer Book and upholding the doctrine contained in it. 
  • Mailings to the membership. The Society sends out quarterly mailings to its members and to interested subscribers. Past issues of the PBSC newsletter are archived.


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