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PEI Life Association

Dénomination enregistrée : PEI LIFE ASSOCIATION INC.

Numéro d'entreprise : 851861443RR0001

Our mission is to proclaim and actively promote respect for all human life from fertilization through to natural death.

PEI Life Association

À propos

PEI Life Association's mission is to actively promote LIFE-affirming values on Prince Edward Island.

The Association works with you to:

  • Keep a LIFE-affirming message forefront in the media
  • Host LIFE-uplifting events across the Island
  • Provide an Education4LIFE bursary for single mothers
  • Support women with unplanned pregnancies
  • Mentor next generation leaders on LIFE-supporting issues

You can support PEI Life by:

  • Joining as a monthly Advocate for Life donor
  • Give a one-time gift to support one of our campaigns
  • Joining as an annual member
  • Volunteer for us on Prince Edward Island

PEI Life is made possible solely by donations of friends of this work.

Thank you for your generous support.


P.O. BOX 1988


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