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Princen Sammy & Herty Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée : Princen Sammy Eduful & Herty Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise : 786844324RR0001

Educating children no matter where they lived is one of the greatest legacies, we can make toward ending extreme poverty

Princen Sammy & Herty Foundation

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Our Mission:

To provide hunger relief for children, families, youth, seniors, working with low income households and those who have been hardest hit during by our current pandemic. 

We are committed to serving the communities of Edmonton NW, St Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, and Calgary.


The focus of the Princen Sammy Foundation, aligns our foundations interest in supporting human social service objectives.

As a Canadian registered charity, it is crucial for us to carry out the duties entrusted to us.

Our Vision:  

Our vision is to build a culture that promotes and creates social inclusion and empowerment for all. It is crucial to create economic growth and enhance the overall social-economic opportunities for everyone. 

We currently serve over 5,000 families, bringing support to the most at risk and vulnerable, children, families and including our precious seniors.

By supplying the basics of life, food, clothing and shelter when needed, which includes crisis response that addresses the physical, social & emotional well-being.


101-10132-105 Street NW


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