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ProAction Cops & Kids

Dénomination enregistrée : PROACTION, COPS & KIDS

Numéro d'entreprise : 887700862RR0001

ProAction Cops & Kids

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Our Mission

At ProAction Cops & Kids, we bring cops and kids together in skill-building and mentoring programs to create trust, respect and safer communities.

About ProAction Cops & Kids

ProAction Cops & Kids is a charitable organization that supports community based programs developed and delivered by police officers that specifically engage at-risk young people. 

All ProAction programs are led by police officers who may be on or off duty while delivering the program.  To maximize engagement and inclusivity, a wide range of activities that reflect the officer's interests and the interests and needs of young people in the communities they serve are supported.  As communities evolve, activities included in these programs change to reflect the interests and needs of the people they engage. 

By leading ProAction programs, police partners become mentors to the young participants and help guide them to better life choices.  ProAction programs allow officers to gain valuable insight into the issues youth face helping them to intervene before these youth become criminally involved.  Through these programs, the young participants engage in healthy activities they otherwise would not have the resources to access, develop new skills that can lead to educational and career opportunities and develop a positive peer network that leads to success.  The trust that is established between police officers, young people, their families and communities opens line of communication and collaboration that builds safer communities.

Since 1991, ProAction has engaged over 412,000 young people in over 2,000 different programs in partnership with 18,000 police officers across all five of our chapters (Toronto, Durham Region, Hamilton, Niagara and Halton Regions).

Please help us continue to support police-led programs for under-resourced youth by donating to help fund further innovative programs.  Through ProAction programs, young people benefit from better futures and we all benefit from safer communities.





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