Project Sunshine Canada

Dénomination enregistrée: PROJECT SUNSHINE CANADA, INC.

Numéro d'entreprise: 834330367RR0001

Project Sunshine Canada addresses the psychosocial and developmental needs of pediatric patients and their families. Over 150 trained volunteers deliver programs that provide opportunities for creative expression, socialization, intellectual stimulation, and sensory integration, ensuring childhood remains as normal as possible. At Project Sunshine Canada we offer support to all families from all communities. Medical challenges can happen to any family, impacting not only immediate relatives but extended and chosen family as well.  The urgency of the situation, emotional demands and the sudden daily management of work, siblings, transportation and the financial impact can throw any family into turmoil.

Partnering with 24 medical facilities across Canada, Project Sunshine Canada’s unique programs create opportunities for families to disengage from the immediate medical crisis or concerns, and relax, be therapeutically distracted or even simply feel normal for a brief few moments. Whether it be the parents’ escape from the bedside for massage or the patient simply playing a game of make-believe with their Surgi-Doll together with a volunteer or being read a story, we aim to reduce the whole family’s level of anxiety or fear. Our programs aim to support and enhance family resiliency, pediatric mental health, education as well as community building through volunteerism.

All programs are provided free of charge to the hospital as well as to the patient and family.

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