Proset Autism / Autisme proset

Dénomination enregistrée: Proset Autism / Autisme proset

Numéro d'entreprise: 819868530RR0001

Proset Autism Adaptive Sports program is designed to offer service to both children and teens/ adults with Special Needs.

The sports program combines a specially developed sport coaching method which integrates seamlessly with the needs of children with autism eg, ADHD, Asperger or PDD-NOS, ADD, Global Developmental Delay.

The program is aimed at:

  • creating positive sports experience
  • the development of motor skills and body awareness
  • improving sports skills
  • the strengthening of self-confidence and social skills
  • to strengthen concentration and perseverance
  • the program is known to have a therapeutic effect on the children

Playing sports at your own level contributes to the growth of children on and off the playing field!

Proset Autism's sports program supports not only the skills of children during exercise.

Awareness of their own potential and self-confidence contributes to the successful development of any child, also outside the sports field the learned skills have been proven to be beneficial.

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