Dénomination enregistrée: PTC PLAYWRIGHTS THEATRE CENTRE

Numéro d'entreprise: 119056463RR0001

Our Mission

PTC finds, nurtures, and advances the Canadian playwright. We support new plays from creation to performance. We are all about developing Canadian content for theatre – about developing plays that spur critical conversation and reflect the diversity of our society.

PTC engages with the professional theatre community nationally and internationally in the development of new work. We invest in research and innovation in process, form and dissemination.

Playwrights are the heart of our theatre, primarily supported through Wrightspace, PTC Associates and dramaturgical processes.


PTC has for forty years supported Canadian playwrights, the least visible yet most integral player in the theatrical ecosystem.

PTC is a unique organization – the only nationally-mandated play development centre west of Montreal – that functions as a dramaturgically-focused theatre company. In our dramaturgical practice, we support the writer with research, script responses, creative conversations, and collaboration facilitation. We design and lead workshops at any stage of the creative process, often in partnership with producing companies.

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