Dénomination enregistrée: PUMPHOUSE THEATRES SOCIETY

Numéro d'entreprise: 119106292RR0001

Our Mission


A not for profit heritage facility which responds to the needs of the arts community.


To Support Community Arts & Culture in Calgary and provide Accessible Facilities and Programs.

The Pumphouse Theatres Society will fulfill its mission through the provision of: a professional venue for arts organisations. Training within the facility for the benefit and growth of the arts community and its participants. Opportunities, through charitable programming, benefiting emerging theatre companies and Calgary’s youth.


The Pumphouse is a located along the banks of the Bow River in downtown Calgary. Originally constructed in 1913 as the City of Calgary's No. 2 Water Pumping Station, it remained derelict for several years. In 1972, the Society petitioned to lease the building from the City with an eye to restoring the site and developing it into a professional venue for Calgary's emerging arts community, and youth.

In 1975, the Alberta Government awarded the Society with a Heritage Award for Architecture and designated the site a Provincial Historic Resource. In 1980, the American Waterworks Association designated the Pumphouse Canada's Third Major Water Landmark. In 1990, the City of Calgary designated the site a Municipal Historic Resource.

The Society provides two fully equipped theatres for Calgary's non-profit arts community. In addition, the Pumphouse provides state of the art box office services to arts organizations free of charge, and drama programming for youth ages 3 – 17 years.

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