Pure Witness Ministries Inc.

Dénomination enregistrée: Pure Witness Ministries Inc.

Numéro d'entreprise: 840123053RR0001

Our Mission

Pure Witness Ministries was established to challenge Catholics to become pure witnesses of their faith by setting Christ at the heart of their lives.

About Pure Witness Ministries Inc.

Pure Witness Ministries offers programs that encourage youth and families to embrace fully the life of faith. By setting Christ at the heart of our lives we are each set free to be all we were created to be.

Our Pure Witness Team is a group of young adults who wish to offer a year of service for the Church. They receive faith formation and have the opportunity to do the work of evangelization.

YEP (Youth Evangelization Program) and ALIVE Retreats inspire youth to make positive life choices based on their faith, inspired by the example of the Pure Witness Team.

ReConnect and other rallies and special events support families to live out their faith in all areas of their lives.

The Pure Gift Program offers great Catholic resources for free as an excellent means of evangelization.

All this is made possible by the generous sacrifices and support of people like you ...

Investing in the youth and families of today to build a better world for tomorrow!

Thank you!

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