Centre alimentaire Qajuqturvik

Dénomination enregistrée: Qajuqturvik Food Centre

Numéro d'entreprise: 810143925RR0001

The QFC is a registered charity that strives to strengthen health, belonging and food sovereignty in Iqaluit utilizing the power of food, tradition and community. We improve access to good food by supporting local harvesting, preparation, education, training, and advocacy. To this end we provide programming in the following areas:

  • Food access: We provide a community meal served seven days a week at our facility.
  • Food skills: Our culinary skills training program provides underemployed Iqalummiut with professional food service education and experience, and facilitates their entry into the workforce. We also provide cooking classes for elementary school children and plan to roll out other food-centric activities (community kitchens, workshops) in the future.
  • Engagement and advocacy: When it comes to structural change, we need the ear of politicians and policy makers. We work to influence our leaders at the municipal, territorial and federal level to better support those in food-insecure environments.

According to a 2015 Statistics Canada Report, more than one-third of households suffer from food insecurity in Nunavut. Access to healthy and affordable food has been a challenge for Nunavummiut for many years and it remains a public and political concern.

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