Dénomination enregistrée: QUEBEC SECOURS

Numéro d'entreprise: 888695749RR0001

Our Mission

A provincial non profit corporation and a charity made of volunteers in Search and Rescue of people lost in our wilderness. All our sartech volunteers are trained to be competent in basic SAR skills and they will serve according to their wishes and competence. Hence an ham radio will serve in communication while a paramedic will serve as a wilderness first aider. Some sartech volunteers are interested by ultralight airplane while others are rescue divers, some are good at orientation while others pass most of their time training their dog to search properly, or others are perfecting mantracking technics. As of now, every volunteers has to pay for his equipment, his technical gears, car, gas, food and lodging. When you search for a lost human being, it is not the time to ask the families for money nor reimbursment. Your donation will help to save lives and who knows, it could be your loveones.

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