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Quinte Museum of Natural History

Dénomination enregistrée : Quinte Region Natural History Museum

Numéro d'entreprise : 801549577RR0001

A new museum for the eastern Ontario region, QMNH fosters discovery of our natural heritage through 350 million years of natural history.

Quinte Museum of Natural History

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Quinte Museum of Natural History (QMNH) has a vision to build a new museum in the Quinte West region of Ontario. It is our mission to inspire the discovery, conservation and stewardship of our natural heritage.

QMNH was established as an independent organization to develop a world-class museum for the communities of the eastern Ontario region, and precipitated by the local presence of Research Casting International (RCI) – Canada’s preeminent dinosaur reconstruction and fossil casting experts. Ultimately there is a need for a public museum of significance in our region that will foster discovery and stewardship of our natural heritage through exhibition, education and environmental programs.

QMNH wants to seize the opportunity to build a new museum on the banks of the Bay of Quinte, develop cutting edge natural history exhibits and programs, and provide a window onto RCI’s important work behind the scenes.

The Museum will be a valuable addition to the Quinte West region’s educational and cultural amenities, as well as being a significant tourist attraction, attracting over 90,000 visitors in the first year of full operation. Our impact includes promoting cultural and scientific engagement and inclusion, strengthening understanding of our natural heritage in our communities, and supporting local economy through new infrastructure and employment opportunities. Once open, the new Museum will be self-sustaining with an operating budget around $1.2 million, and will have an economic impact in excess of $15 million per year in the region.

QMNH is in the quiet phase of capacity building and testing its program with its communities. Your support at this critical stage helps push the Quinte Museum closer to realizing its dream of a permanent facility in Trenton. 


99 Dufferin Ave

Unit G

Trenton, ON, K8V 5E2

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