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Our Mission

RSM exists to restore God-centered unity in marriage, family, and organizational relationships.

RSM specializes in coming alongside to help restore and re-build relationships. To build successful relationships, people require support in two essential areas:

1. Personal growth and wholeness – spirit, soul, and body

2. Relationship building biblical principles, skills, and practices.

In other words, relationship oneness begins within the heart and mind of each person and, at the same time, between or among people in the relationship.

RSM is committed to serve God by coming alongside marriages in crisis. Secondly, we are developing 'Marraige Discipleship' programs by training restored couples who will come alongside marriages in need.


RSM is a not-for-profit, charitable corporation located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Relationships Support Ministries is an association of people working alongside individuals, couples, families and churches. Our purpose is to encourage unity and oneness in relationships.

While the role of RSM is to support relationships, the fundamental source of life and relationship change is in the application of biblical principles and practices. Healing, reconciling, restoring, and blessing result when we grow in obedience to God, individually and together, in wholeness and in oneness. We help in these areas through teaching and coaching. RSM teaching programs take the form of workshops, seminars, and retreats. People who attend our teaching sessions may request appointments for personal or couple coaching.

Coaching occurs when an individual or a couple contact us and request ongoing help to work through personal or relationship issues.

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