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Le Pivot Citoyen

Dénomination enregistrée : Social Development Centre Waterloo Region

Numéro d'entreprise : 107987166RR0001

Le Pivot Citoyen

“Civic Hub is a collaborative and inclusive space, where grassroots innovation and advocacy is anchored,where faces go with names, and where energy and ideas are activated.” We need to ensure collaboration on long term solutions to social and economic challenges in the region through a common mandate: grassroots capacity building, sharing of resources and skills, streamlining promotion and recruitment for social justice advocacy, building opportunities for true inclusion and dialogue across diversity. 

Through the partnership with St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, we have a minimal cost for rent of $10 000 for 1200 square ft of space and we need $30 000 for a dedicated coordination and resource development position.

Community benefits from the Civic Hub work:

· Raising awareness of the work done by citizen-led and grassroots groups to tap into knowledge, people and resources through streamlined marketing and outreach.

· Increasing civic literacy and engagement opportunities while being a one stop location for people who want to learn and engage in social justice work in Waterloo Region

· Enhancing social inclusion to connect citizens from different backgrounds, identities, socio-economic and ethnocultural groups by creating opportunities for dialogue

· Building capacity for social innovation to strengthen relationships and collaboration with government, business and academic institutions through bottom-up problem-solving design for lasting solutions to persisting social and economic problems