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Rahim Jivanjee Rahemtulla Endowment Fund

One of the indications from Rahim to his family was to spend time and energy towards good deeds and charities. When we reflect on what he did and what he believed in, it was to help the needy by feeding the hungry and providing comfort to the homeless.

Rahim was also a regular blood donor and an advocate for organ donation to help improve and save lives. He was kind and compassionate and a true giver.

He lives in the hearts of many and continues to give for the good of others.

His fund will assist people living in difficult circumstances including, but not limited to hunger, homelessness, poverty, natural or manmade disaster or violence and giving priority to providing food, water, clothing and/or shelter. The fund will also assist people towards education especially to provide opportunities for a better future. 

The Fund has contributed towards: 

Warm meals at Hope Mission

Tegler house warm dinners for youth

Kids in Action lunches in schools for children

Islamic Family and Social Services (IFSSA)

Providing healthy options in groceries to registered families on Fridays during the month of Ramadhan

The family is hosting meals through Hope Mission, if you are interested in volunteering you can sign up using the link below.

Feed The Needy Sign up Sheet