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Wood Buffalo Community Foundation Funds


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Wood Buffalo Community Foundation Funds

Wood Buffalo Community Foundation Fund

The Wood Buffalo Community Foundation (WBCF) is an exciting new part of the global movement of Community Foundations. Community Foundations support many types of community projects and organizations in flexible ways by granting income earned on endowed funds. Wood Buffalo has strong social, health, educational, environmental and sport sectors which require significant long term funding support, particularly with the economy tightening in the oil and gas sector in Alberta which has previously been a major source of funding.

Our goal for the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation Fund is to raise $10,000,000 through donations from current and past residents, business owners and companies who have made Fort McMurray home. We also plan to raise donations from people and businesses who have benefited from and support the need for a community foundation in our region. 

Our plan is to grant 4% of our investment which means that once we reach this goal $400,000 would be available annually for community grants. This would continue to grow over time which is extremely exciting for the registered charities in the region.

Matching Donor – WBCF has secured a matching donor who will match up to $500,000 per year for 4 years which doubles your contribution.

Become a Founder – WBCF offers a full range of gift-giving options. Every dollar donated to WBCF is used to make a lasting difference in our community. There are a variety of fund structures available for your consideration. Unique to our founding year, all persons or businesses who make a donation in 2017 will be forever recognized as a Founder of WBCF. Donations may be pledged over 5 years if desired.  If you plan to donate over $10,000 please contact us and we can explain some options to you for creating specific named funds if you desire to do so.

Please give back to the community that has supported you, your family, your business, your province and your country.