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The Switch Yard

Dénomination enregistrée : The Switch Yard

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The Switch Yard

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Our Mission

To Shine Light in darkness, to spread hope into hopelessness, to be love when none is found, to be Christ where He has asked us to go.


Switch Yard is a collective of individuals who believe that our youth have more to them than their the societal labels. A group of physical representatives who act as manifestations of Jesus and the love that he shows to everyone. The volunteers and staff at the Switch Yard are dedicated to showing youth love when it seems that no one else will.

Switch Yard is not a building, it is not a club nor is it a space. The Switch Yard is a community.

We are friends, advocates, parental figures, brothers and sisters and grandparents.

We believe that the Gospel we love and trust is Jesus, and as his followers we must radiate his love, show his grace and be the extension of Him in our community. We believe that there is no person who is beyond hope or redemption; no one has lived an ugly enough life that God’s light cannot make them shine with beauty.


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