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Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London


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Refuge d'urgence axé sur les résultats du logement, logements supervisés et programmes de stabilité à domicile pour échapper à l'itinérance.

Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London

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“homelessness is a crisis that a person experiences – it does not define the person."

Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London provides housing-outcome focused emergency shelter, supportive housing and in-home housing stability support programming for individuals of all genders age 18+ who are struggling to escape and avoid homelessness.

Our work goes beyond beds and meals. Our job is to stabilize each participant in the moment by meeting their basic needs, to engage and empower participants in their own process toward housing and stability, and to wrap supports around participants for long-term stability in community, utilizing every available community resource.

Your gift works to make a participant’s stay at our shelter as comfortable, productive and short as possible, and keeps the focus on working to obtain housing and achieve stability in community. 

We operate by the values of respect, cooperation, interdependence and compassion.

We get by with the support you give!

* Program Update June 2023

Unity Project is thrilled to have finally returned to our Old East Village home-base after 3 years operating out of a hotel. With interior retrofits to our rear emergency shelter building, surrounded by purpose-built Pallet shelter cabins installed on the exterior site, we can continue to prioritize supports inclusive of those with medical conditions, couples and people with pets and accommodate 40 individuals at any given time.

Our ‘discovery’ of these Pallet shelter cabins made this solution possible unlike other tiny-home, huts, trailers or portables we have reviewed. Unity Project is the first in Canada to be using these particular structures and their promise is to be case-tested within the context of an encompassing Housing First shelter program.

This site configuration will transition us toward Our Home for Good and the construction of our own intentionally-designed shelter. Until then, it represents our best opportunity to assist more people to achieve housing and end their experience of homelessness.


717 Dundas St


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