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YAK is committed to promoting youth involvment in society and community, while fostering the growth of social and life skills.

YAK Youth Services

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Mission Statement:

YAK is committed to promoting and facilitating youth attachment to society and community, increasing developmental opportunities for youth and promoting their well being, ameliorating risk-factors and providing protective conditions for youth “at risk” and promoting public awareness of youth issues.


YAK Youth Services (YYS) is a Not-for-Profit Charitable Youth Organization committed to promoting the empowerment, well-being, and collective interests of local youth in a responsive and continuously adaptive manner. YYS provides a variety of supports that enable youth to elevate their skills, explore new opportunities, develop positive relationships, and get more involved in the community. YYS assists local youth in pursuing developmental opportunities by supportively providing them with resources, information, training, and encouragement. YYS also serves to strengthen the voice of youth in our community and promote awareness of local youth issues.

Main Programs: Perth Youth Centre; Perth Community Services Hub; March Break and Summer Camps; Youth and Parent Referral Service; Take -Action Projects; Workshops on Demand; Youth and Family Food Security, and Peer and Professional Counselling.

The Perth Youth Centre provides a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for youth grade 6 and up. Including a provincially supported and registered After School Program -ASP (which includes nightly nutrition, wellness and physical recreation) and a later nightly youth drop in. The Perth Youth Centre hosts monthly Open Mic Nights; offers nightly shuttles and meals, as well as an array of indoor and outdoor sport activities.

The Perth Community Services Hub: A place where organizations are working together to offer multiple services, increase accessibility, and better meet the needs of our local residents. 1881 is the office headquarters for both YAK Youth Services and Lanark County Community Justice. Inside, residents will find Perth Fire Services, Firedawgs, the Table’s CFC Free Food Pantry, the Perth Union Library’s Youth Book Nook, and 4 Bay Fitness. As well as, shared meeting space and offices utilized by the CFUW, Queer Connection Lanark, Open Doors and Community Living; with hopes of more service providers joining over the coming years.


1881 Rogers Rd.


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