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Business Number: 130005846RR0001

Kids Help Phone is a charity that provides counselling and referrals in both official languages as the only national helpline for young people.

For almost three decades, young people have been reaching out to Kids Help Phone for the support they need - but for every person we’ve been able to help, others have been unable to access our services.

Last year, young people in Canada reached out to Kids Help Phone over 194,000 times for counselling, information and referrals. Thanks to donors, we are always open, offering a safe and trusted place for young people in any moment of crisis or need.

Your donations transform the lives of youth who use Kids Help Phone. Here’s what young people tell us:

  • 95% of kids said they’d reach out to us again
  • 85% of kids felt less distressed after talking to a counsellor
  • 75% of kids felt confident that they could overcome their challenges

With your donation to Kids Help Phone:

  • You’re maximizing youth’s access to life-saving mental health resources. From anonymous support on the phone, through texting and online, to trustworthy information on our website, to referrals to local supports, a young person can find it all through Kids Help Phone, thanks to you.
  • You’re investing in innovation, so we can meet kids where they are today, and tomorrow. You allow us to adapt and evolve, to meet the changing needs of youth.
  • You’re shaping positive health outcomes for young people in Canada. You’re enabling us to share our expertise with policy makers, to influence how this country will support our next generation.

Thank you for supporting young people - whenever, wherever and however they need it. Together, we will create a future where every young person in Canada will access the support they need, in the way they need it most.

What People Are Saying

"I really want to thank all of you…I found the counsellor’s response extremely helpful, and it made me think about how I can make goals to change what needs to be changed so I can get my life back on track. THANK YOU SO MUCH :D Things will get better! I am healthy, brave, and confident :)"

— Kids Help Phone user

"Our nephew recently passed away by taking his own life. We're hoping that your services will help others who may be in need to reach out and spare their loved ones this grief."

— Anonymous Kids Help Phone donor

"I want you to remember that you DO make a difference for kids like me. You made an awesome difference in my whole entire life. THANK YOU!"

— Kids Help Phone user

"I love that every counselling session, every call and chat session is different. We tackle each situation as it comes and there’s a lot of time to be present with the young person, accompanying them where they are at that moment in their life."

— Patricia, Kids Help Phone Counsellor

"I have a lot of trouble sleeping now and I worry constantly. I find all the anxiety really stressful and it’s getting in the way of my life. Tonight I called Kids Help Phone and this is the first time I was able to sleep through the night. Thank you for listening to me."

— Kids Help Phone user

"I support Kids Help Phone because I believe it’s so important that children and youth in Canada have a safe and comfortable place to go to speak about any problem in life."

— Stephen, Kids Help Phone Ambassador

"I can’t explain how much their counselors have helped me, picked me up when I needed help, made me realize the good things in life and that tomorrow is a new day."

— Kids Help Phone user

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