Sundance Canine Rescue Society

Registered Name: Sundance Canine Rescue Society

Business Number: 831488507RR0001

Our Mission

Our Vision: Provide a safe haven for all of Alberta's abused, neglected, and unwanted canines.

Our Mission: Working with members of Alberta's communities to educate on responsible pet ownership, helping them by removing the unwanted and neglected dogs and hosting adoption events to re-home the rehabilitated canines.

About Sundance Canine Rescue Society

Sundance Canine Rescue Society is a Registered Charity.  Since September 2013, we have been assisting other rescues and humane societies to re-home dogs.  In 2014. we started helping the Northern Region of Alberta communities with their stray dog population.  We have rescued over 200 dogs/puppies and will be working with other rescues in the area to bring more out.  We started a new initiative with the communities of this region.  We are now taking owned dogs to our veterinarian to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchip and returned to their owners. Our plan is to help save more lives by decreasing the population one dog at a time. 

Our dogs are provided with veterinary care with health checks, vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter surgery, and microchips prior to adoption.  We strive to find the dog a long-lasting furever home. 

To date, Sundance Canine Rescue Society has rescued over 950 dogs and successfully adopted over 925 dogs to furever homes.  We created a family with our adoptive families and within our family, we have trainers, foster homes, and other adopted families that provide the adoptee with valuable information to make the transition smoothly.  With this network, we can solve problems as they arise to make sure they do not become too huge that the dog has to come back to the rescue.  We have a less than 3% return rate of our dogs.  The main reason for return is a change in home situations.  

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