Abosamso Orphanage and Charity International

Registered Name: Abosamso Orphanage and Charity International

Business Number: 824583611RR0001

Our Mission

Our charity primarily runs an orphanage combined with a school and a vocational program that provides parental care, nourishment, education, and nurturing to orphans, abandoned, and otherwise needy children in and around the town of Abosamso in Ghana, West Africa. We have been providing these care services since 1994, when our president visited the area and was moved to act, using her own financial resources. Indeed, for over 16 years now, the upkeep of the orphanage and its allied services have depended mainly on the financial support of our president, Martha Nyame, although other donors, including the factory she works in, have helped. We thank them most sincerely.

At present, we have some 90 children under care, with a government-verified capacity to serve 200 children.

Our orphans and abandoned children consist of children who have been orphaned or abandoned through death, deliberate abandonment, sheer neglect, or parental care inability caused by poverty.

We have a complement of 5 teachers and a headmistress who run our Grade 1-8 elementary school. This is to ensure that, unlike our own founder and president herself, the misfortunes that had befallen these children do not also rob them of the opportunity of basic education. We do, also, plan to support all our children to pursue both secondary and post-secondary education as they mature in our care, so that they would truly have a chance at an excellent future.

Through our vocational wing, Mart’s Vocational Training Institute, we also provide skills training in commercial sewing and hairstyling to girls and young women. Although our limited resources have forced us to scale back our client load substantially since 2009, we do hope to not only scale up again when resources permit but to expand the program to include auto mechanic and carpentry training to serve needy boys as well. Our aim is to equip these youth with the marketable skills with which they could take charge of their future.

About Abosamso Orphanage and Charity International

Besides our primary focuses on our orphanage, school, and vocational services, we also plan, secondarily, to deliver the following supports and services which we have been approved to offer in Ghana:

•Basic supplies to the needy in the general community, such as food, medicine, clothing, and educational supplies (exercise books, pencils, pens, etc.)

•An Educational Program on Key Health Challenges in Ghana, such as Diet and Health, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, etc.

•An Environmental Education Program, focusing on advancing knowledge and understanding of Sustainable Environmental Practices in the Forestry Industry In Ghana.

•Improving both the Quality and Access to Water in Ghana by Building and Making Available Good Quality Water from Wells and Water Treatment Plants.

We would be happy to receive your financial contribution earmarked for any of these programs and/or our basic orphanage and vocational training programs. PLEASE HELP.

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