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The Water Nexus

For over 3 years, the Alberta WaterPortal has been developing and building a leading-edge project on the connections between water, energy and food (the water-energy-food nexus).  The crucial question driving this project is:

How can available water be managed to support healthy aquatic ecosystems, while still ensuring reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy?

This is a three-phase project.  Phase One was completed in 2016 and resulted in the development of an educational, online simulator tool that allows users to explore the future impacts of various water allocation schemes.

Phase Two, currently underway, is focused on improving the current materials – adding an animated video, including new information on the impacts of decisions at the household level, and making the site mobile-friendly.  The simulator tool is also being visually restructured and updated based on feedback from users and from a stakeholder workshop.

Phase 3 of the project will use new avenues to promote the material to even broader audiences and develop other online resources and activities to engage and educate the public. 

A holistic understanding of water usage is crucial to sustainable resource management. By supporting the Water Nexus project, you will help us improve the public’s understanding of the complex relationship between our water, energy and food habits. With your help, we can continue to educate the public on the interconnectivity between sectors and change the way water use is understood.

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Funds received in excess of the project budget will be allocated to other important projects the WaterPortal is doing.