Alberta Waterportal Society

Registered Name: Alberta Waterportal Society

Business Number: 807121876RR0001

The WaterPortal App

The Alberta WaterPortal has been delivering key online educational resources for over 10 years, adapting the products and the interface to keep up with changing online trends. One of these trends is the widespread use of mobile devices and applications (apps) to access online information.  This trend is an important opportunity for Alberta WaterPortal and is a significant factor in our ability to engage a much larger audience!

To leverage this opportunity, we are developing a mobile app that uses a new interface to bring our web content to new audiences. This app includes notification features that promote new content. We are striving for a highly user-friendly format that delivers timely, relevant and credible content.

Water is essential for everything we do and decisions we make every day impact our local water resources, it is clear that a mobile app is the best instrument to help the public understand their connection to water.

The Alberta WaterPortal has been at the forefront of the online domain for water issues in Alberta since its founding in 2006. Developing and launching this app is crucial towards our ability to bring critical water information to more people. Your donation will help us achieve this – and will help raise awareness that water issues are everyone’s issues.

Funds received in excess of the project budget will be allocated to other important projects the WaterPortal is doing.