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Alternatives Media Inc is an environmental media charity that embodies two brands: Alternatives Journal and ENV Media

We believe that our role as an environmental media charity is to shine light on the alternative solutions, to share stories that spark conversations, and fundamentally, to help foster the ideas and innovations that will lead to a more environmentally-sustainable future.

We publish hundreds of stories, inspire thousands of meaningful actions and engage with millions of Canadians.  

Since 1971, our mandate has been 

  • To provide critical informed analyses of environmental issues
  • To promote the broadest understanding of environment in its ecological, social and political dimensions
  • To stimulate dialogue and exchange of environmental information
  • To create publishing opportunities in print and online for the environmental community

A\J is Canada’s national environmental magazine, independently publishing intelligent and informed environmental journalism. A\J’s editorial mission is to provide a forum for civilized debate and, when appropriate, to advocate for positive and sustainable solutions. Walking the line between an accessible consumer magazine and an academic journal, our articles are carefully edited by an experienced editorial team and are vigorously fact-checked.

This year, AMI launched a new brand: ENV Media. This is an emerging one-stop-shop for young environmentalists. ENV is produced by and for under-30-year-olds. We believe in environmental advocacy through the creation and distribution of easily digestible and visually engaging digital stories and content. ENV creates leadership opportunities to engage, empower and involve other environmentally-conscious and curious youth to take part and contribute to the storytelling process.

As a not-for-profit, independent media source, AMI relies on our donors to help us tell these vital stories.

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