Art à la Carte - a complementary arts society

Registered Name: ART A LA CARTE

Business Number: 889052254RR0001

If you or a loved one became defined by a serious illness, what would you do to open a window to hope?

Art à la Carte is a grassroots organization whose volunteers understand that placing a picture on the wall or splashing paint on a canvas can serve as powerful tools for healing. When people feel connected to life outside the hospital walls - their passions, memories and dreams for the future - they start to feel like people rather than diagnoses and the window to hope opens.

About Art à la Carte - a complementary arts society

Art à la Carte began when one woman discovered a way to help a close friend face her fear of dying by embracing the meaning of her life. Providing a choice of artwork for her friend's hospital room walls renewed joyful memories from the past, personalized the surroundings and restored moments of peace.

Art à la Carte is based in Calgary, Alberta, and is the only volunteer organization dedicated to healing arts in the city. We provide two streams of programming: (1) the Bedside Program where patients choose art for their rooms each week and (2) Create While You Wait & OMA where creative arts are used to support patients with brain injuries and dementia.

Art à la Carte volunteers believe that every stage of life can be impacted by small gestures of beauty and kindness. Over the past twenty-four years, more than 86,000 visits have been made to health care facilities in Calgary alone.

What People Are Saying

"My pictures helped make my goal tangible and bring it right to my bedside. This strengthened my will to live and is in part why I am alive today."

— Alan Hobson - Cancer Survivor, Author, Motivational Speaker

"The art on the wall brings hope and perspective. It invites a conversation and understanding between staff and patient."

— Amanda McLean, Clinical Nurse Educator

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