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About This Charity

Our Mission

The mission of Bus Stop Bible Studies is to present the Word of God to the general public, in the form of Bible studies, using advertising panels inside buses, LRT (Light Rapid Transit), subway cars, and similar mediums. Bus Stop Bible Studies will present God's Word in a clear and concise manner, challenging the reader to think about what they have read by posing thoughtful, searching questions. Through the use of our website and volunteer follow-up, we wish to provide encouragement and direction to those who are impacted by the Bus Stop Bible studies that they have read.

Bus Stop Bible Studies can be sponsored by individuals, churches, businesses or organizations that are in agreement with values and principles of Bus Stop Bible Studies. We want to work closely with churches and other religious organizations, across the denominational spectrum, who profess Jesus Christ as Lord.

About Our Charity

GOD ON EVERY BUS is a campaign launched October 2008 to encourage individuals, who believe in the power of the Word of God, to donate $5 or more per month, with the objective of placing a Bus Stop Bible Study inside every public transit vehicle in Canada.