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Improving Nourishment in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, South India

Campaign Ends June 29, 2020

Improving Nourishment in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, South India

Program Goal: To improve health outcomes by supporting individuals, families and groups of persons in need or with special needs by providing food ingredients in collaboration with our charitable partners programs in urban and rural areas of Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Program Benefit: This program allows Canadians Sharing to improve health outcomes by donating food ingredients to benefit families, local groups, local villages and people living in subsistence areas.

How the Program Works in South India: We work with three registered Indian Charities in the Vellore District of South India, Tamil Nadu State to relieve poverty by donating basic foodstuffs and meal ingredients. Our Indian Charities identify the nutritional needs and organize outreach programs to serve nourishing meals with clean water to tens of thousands of needy people and communities each year. We contribute by purchasing local food ingredients for preparation of the meals including cracked rive, dahl, rice, wheat, spices and vegetables. Our charitable partners donate the logistics, food preparation, meal distribution and the clean up. Our program outreach serves local residents living in dire poverty which includes the street poor, people with physical and perceptual challenges and disadvantaged transient people.

The average cost of meal ingredients is .50 for an all-that-can-be-eaten traditional vegetarian South Indian meal which typically includes rice, sambar,(potato and gravy) yogurt, rassam, (spicy soup) with possibly a vegetarian stew.  Our goal is to donate the meal ingredients to improve the quality of life and improve health outcomes by serving 2000 people.

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