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Our Mission

To raise and distribute funds to support Causeway Work Centre programs and services to further the well-being of people with a mental illness and/or other disabilities, and those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


Causeway is a community economic development organization that both finds and creates employment opportunities through our wide variety of programs, partnerships and social enterprises. Causeway has been assisting people with mental health issues and disabilities in the Ottawa region for over 40 years. Causeway was founded in 1977 to provide pre-employment and employment services to individuals with mental illness and other disabilities.

Today, Causeway serves anyone in the community facing significant barriers to employment. Causeway offers 10 pre-employment and employment programs, as well as three Social Enterprises: Krackers Katering, Cycle Salvation, and Good Nature Groundskeeping.

What People Are Saying

"I have 2 children and a brother who have suffered from mental illness, so I support your services"

— Anonymous Donor

"You help people transform their lives by ‘teaching them to fish’ and providing opportunities to enter the workforce. I believe that people feel better when they are productive and independent. I say this because I have lived it myself."

— Jen Ajersch, Volunteer Fundraising Campaign Leader, Read More

"I have chosen to donate monthly because it is easier on my budget to do it this way. I am aware also that having monthly donors can make it easier for the charity to budget. Because I believe in the work of Causeway, I have supported it as a donor."

— Donna Campbell, Monthly Donor & Past President of Causeway Foundation, Read More

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