Volunteer Central

Registered Name: Volunteer Central Society

Business Number: 134771138RR0001

Volunteer Central lists volunteer opportunities on our website for people who want to connect with others and to the causes that are important to them.

We help more than 105 organizations in our community find the volunteers they need to carry out their work.

We're all connected!

Find people for charities and non-profits that need a hand

Find organizations for businesses and their employees who want to help out

What People Are Saying

"After coming to Canada volunteerism saved me when I was new in this country and making my first steps with limited English. I found that Volunteer Central was the best source for continuing with volunteering in my chosen field and it has been more than rewarding for me."

— Anneta Alexandrovich

" Thank You for the great work you and your organization do for the community by bringing volunteers together!"

— Vishva Ragunathan, Canadian Red Cross

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