Registered Name: Courage In Action Inc.

Business Number: 711664482RR0001

Courage in Action is a not-for-profit national sisterhood that empowers women to overcome adversity and create positive change.  We believe that everyone matters. Everyone is equal.  

Our vision is to bring together women who have lived lives of adversity and challenge at annual conferences held in cities across Canada to instill confidence, foster friendships and teach life skills as they move forward to lives possibility and positivity.

Our values are to empower women to move forward one step at a time with hope, courage and perseverance.  We build a community through contribution creating an inclusive, safe and supportive environment fostering our participants’ belief in their ability to grow, change and learn.

Our conferences aspire to provide opportunities for connection, learning and contribution for our attendees, volunteers, Board of Directors and sponsors. This is done by providing support through coaching, education, motivation and self-development tools to add to their expanding toolbox of life skills to create sustainable change.

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