Registered Name: ECCLESIAX

Business Number: 107406316RR0051

About Ecclesiax

We are part of the Church – the universal community of Jesus-followers. We learn from this heritage, but also realize that we fully live in our families, our neighbourhoods, our city, and the world. Our building is in the Glebe, but we come from all over Ottawa. Each individual at Ecclesiax brings her personal history or his own story to the community, and we are enriched by our diversity.

We believe that creativity is a gift from God, and that art, music, and other creative pursuits are a way that we can express our inner being and feelings to him and to each other.

We’re part of the Free Methodist Church of Canada, but also part of a new wave of churches exploring ways of connecting with the world around us. Our Worship Palette is the main focus of the week, but we are also starting to meet more in Bible studies and small groups throughout the week.

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