Business Number: 136982840RR0001

Our Mission

To provide funding for addictions research, education,sponsorships and the infrastructure to support those programs.

Addiction Research

The Foundation will award grants for research projects developed by the EDGEWOOD Treatment Facility in partnership with major universities and pharmaceutical companies and/or other organizations.

Education and Addiction Training

Physicians, counselors and other professionals seek development and training in addiction. Providing educational opportunities that raise awareness among professionals pormotes early recognition and intervention.


For some the cost of treatment is a discouraging barrier to seeking care. Individuals who meet Foundation criteria may be eligible to receive financial support towards treatment programs.


The Edgewood Foundation is an independent, not-for profit registered charitable society. Self governed by a Board of Directors, the Foundation provides support to benefit; Addiction Research, Educational Seminars and Addiction Training, Sponsorship for qualifying individuals.

We all know the toll addiction takes on individuals, their families and the community at large.

The Edgewood Foundation seeks to support a greater understanding of the disease through advanced research in addiction medicine, early recognition and intervention through education of health care professionals and the opportunity for access to quality treatment for financially challenged individuals.

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