Epiphany Verdun

Registered Name: Church of the Epiphany

Business Number: 892502048RR0002


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A place, creating a community of partnerships with people. Each group motivated by the drive and spirit to care for others. Either through food security, literacy, or wellness for the body, for the mind and of course for the soul. Please make a donation today to support EPIPHANY's general ministry.


Our Rev Annie Ittoshat leads and cares for indigenous ministries in Verdun and around the city of Montreal including Dorval. Annie's ministry seeks out the marginalized and brings together working groups with all first nations peoples in and around our city and community. Support Rev Annie, please give to Annie's Inuit Ministry|EPIPHANY.


A professional kitchen needs to be used to serve. And Epiphany does, working through partnerships with others to feed and to educate others in the basic methods of healthy and sustainable cuisine. At least twice a month we serve community lunches where we see lives changed through fellowship over good food served with smiles. We continue to look for others groups to provide this service from seed money we can provide from your donations to cuisine|EPIPHANY. 

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We have created a community garden adjacent to our church which runs the full length. We have planted vegetables to be used in our kitchen or given away to local food banks such a MANA-Verdun. And throughout as though a reflection of our beautiful windows we also planted flowers. A beautiful oasis in a city of concrete and brick. Help support this ministry with a donation today to espace verte|EPIPHANY.


Our red brick building is beautiful and safe. However, it needs upkeep if we want to continue everything we do in Verdun. This year we have a major investment of roughly 100,000$ to upkeep our walls, please contribute to building|EPIPHANY for these critical renovations. 


Wolfpack is a street initiative of Al Harrington. Begining with three nights a week, Al and his team of volunteers walk the streets of Montréal, visiting the parks and shadows of the city to find, offer some food and supply the basic needs to our most vulnerable street people. We are already seeing great healing with the people who live in the shadows simply by wolfpack being kind and giving a sandwich, a blanket, a smile and a listening ear. Help support this work so the teams will have enough to meet the needs of the street 7 nights a week. http://montrealgazette.com/news/the-wolf-pack-street-patrol

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