Business Number: 861517126RR0001

About This Charity

Our Mission

Everdale is a farm-based organization that provides hands-on, solution-based food and farming education to build and engage healthy local communities.

About Our Charity

Since 1998, Everdale has been delivering a wide range of award-winning, hands-on learning programs on food and farming to people of all ages and backgrounds, including:

- Farmer training: Farm Skills and Farm Planning

- School programs and Farm Camp

- Workshops

- Public events

Everdale is located near Hillsburgh, Ontario - a thirty minute drive northeast of Guelph, and one hour northwest of Toronto. In 2013 Everdale launched the Black Creek Community Farm project, an eight-acre urban farm in the culturally rich Jane and Finch community in Toronto.

What People Are Saying

"A life-changing experience."

— Zak'isha, youth intern, as told to the Toronto Star, Read More

"I can only describe the field trip to Everdale as the most amazing experience of my entire life. The entire time I was thinking to myself why I didn’t know about this sooner."

— Sarah, participant, Read More

"I took this course through the winter and was ready to launch my business the following spring. The network of support I became a part of during the course has been invaluable to making my dreams a reality."

— Farm Planner participant, Read More

"I didn’t grow up on a farm so I didn’t think it was a possible career path. This course gave me the tools and confidence to create a sustainable business. I couldn’t have done it without the help from the expert presenters and mentors!"

— Farm Planner participant, Read More