Foundation for Student Science and Technology

Registered Name: The Foundation for Student Science and Technology

Business Number: 837129154RR0001

The Foundation for Student Science and Technology is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing the career potential of gifted high school, college and university students for leadership roles in the science community.

The Foundation aims to cultivate tomorrow’s science leaders by advancing their early knowledge of career demands and challenges. Our Mission is to Connect ideas and people across the spectrum of education, public and private enterprise and science and technology; Invest in the early career development of gifted students of science and technology; and Build programs that emulate real world circumstances and help improve students’ chances of career success.

Since 2008, the Foundation has helped many gifted students develop their leadership potential in the realm of physical and life sciences, engineering, mathematics and informatics, biology and environmental studies, social sciences and humanities, and more.

The Foundation’s structured programs include the award-winning Journal of Student Science and Technology and an Online Research Co-op Program with other novel programs in development. 

We focusspecifically and uniquely on cultivating the science leaders of tomorrow. We are fostering the next generation of VPs of research, Deans of science departments, Principal Investigators, CEOs and others who will create and shape the science and technology needed to sustain our way of life.

We work with high school, college and university students, nationally and internationally,  based entirely on ability and independent of age to develop raw interest and acumen in science and technology. We provide learning and development opportunities that mirror the future world of work for students to better understand its demands and challenges.

What People Are Saying

"I can proudly state that the Journal has affected my perspective on the field of scientific research and I intend to passionately pursue this vocation. "

— Abeera Shahid, Student and Director of Outreach

"Networking and contributing to Journal projects has nurtured a passion for science that I didn’t know was so strong in me. "

— Sarina Lalla, a student leader the Foundation

"I believe that FSST is definitely taking a big step towards furthering research-based education by making students aware of research opportunities and the applications of research in STEM....FSST has opened a path for students to pursue scientific inquiry and apply their knowledge to innovate."

— Netra Unni, student leader in the Foundation

"I have learned a lot from my experiences and failures. FSST has pushed me above my limits as well as enhanced my leadership and communication skills. "

— Andy Ou, Ambassador

"The Journal specifically provides a unique opportunity for young peoples' work to be recognized and valued."

— Julia Robson, Student Editor

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