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A provincial entity with national and international reach, we remain the only organization in Canada with the mission to represent, educate and support all individuals, families and communities affected by RISKY GENES™

The label, ‘hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome’, or 'HBOC' that is used in our current name, and all other current labels such as ‘the breast cancer gene’ and ‘BRCA’ that are used to describe those whom we serve, are outdated and only tell part of the story.  Therefore, we are in the process of changing our name to the RISKY GENES™ Society.

OVER 1.3 MILLION CANADIANS CARRY RISKY GENES, which are caused by inherited mutations that can occur in any of many different genes.  Those who carry risky genes have a high risk of developing breast, ovarian, prostate and some related types of cancer such as pancreas and skin.  The type of hereditary cancer and the level of risk varies, depending on the gene that is affected and the mutation within it.  

HEREDITARY CANCER IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN SPONTANEOUS COUNTERPARTS, and the effects reach far past the patient to family members, who may be similarly affected. 

RISKY GENE CARRIERS EXPERIENCE FAR MORE CANCER AND AT YOUNGER AGES.  Hereditary cancer also has a higher rate of recurrence, higher rate of a second primary site and is more aggressive, making it harder to treat.  Both male and female risky gene carriers can pass their risky genes to biological children at a rate of 50%.

BUT THERE IS HOPE.  If a risky gene carrier is aware and becomes identified by submitting to a simple genetic test, they gain access to early-age cancer screening and, in some cases, access to prevention options proven to be 96% effective!  However, despite this type of hereditary cancer being discovered twenty-five years ago, OVER 90% OF ALL RISKY GENE CARRIERS ARE UNAWARE, and many of the rest remain disconnected and misinformed.

OUR VISION is that all risky gene carriers have timely access to quality health information and services, but this can only happen if risky gene carriers become aware and become identified. Please help us save lives.

The Society is governed by a Board of Directors and supported by an Advisory Council of professionals.

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